Gilded Mane

MERIDIAN CHAIN : Turquoise & Antique Brass Hearts


This Meridian Chain was designed to integrate outward aesthetics with inner well-being. Inspired by ancient philosophies that professed to understand the invisible forces that animate our bodies, this piece incorporates semi-precious stones that may have connections to these same vortices within.  This style also features interlocking Vintage Brass Hearts at the front neck for the ultimate Valentine's Day Surprise!


7th Crown - Amethyst, Peach Moonstone

6th Third Eye - Amethyst, Peach Moonstone, Lapis

5th Throat - Turquoise, Lapis

4th Heart - Rhodonite

3rd Solar Plexus - Sunstone, Tiger Eye, Carnelian

2nd Sacral - Sunstone, Tiger Eye, Carnelian

1st Root - Tiger Eye, Garnet, Carnelian

* This information is for educational purposes only and can be found in "The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian 


Necklace Length - 16  1/2"

Center Front Length - 13"

Belly Chain - 34  3/4"

* Measurements can be adjusted to any body size


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