Sustainability is inherent to Gilded Mane's brand DNA, as the designer transforms pre-existing materials into one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. Each handmade design is unique and the collection incorporates Reclaimed Leather, Vintage Metalwork, Zardozi Embroidery & Semi-Precious Stones. The leather provides a foundation for these statement pieces that is both sturdy and lightweight. And since the most sustainable option is to wear clothing you already own, Gilded Mane's adornment is meant to be worn with your existing wardrobe.

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Balance From Chaos G i l d e d   M a n e

Balance From Chaos

The Gaia Collection was designed to promote feelings of empowerment, which develop naturally from following one's intuition. These outfit defining ...

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Gilded Mane was conceived with the purpose of creating high quality statement pieces that are also friendly to the environment. In the fashion industry, a substantial amount of leather waste is generated during the production process, before products are even available for purchase. Once the patterns are cut, the leftover material is usually discarded. It is these irregularly shaped pieces of unused leather that Gilded Mane reclaims from the waste stream, transforming precious resources into wearable art. By using leather as the foundation for these bold statement pieces, not only does the process minimize waste, but the resulting adornment consistently surprises customers by how lightweight they feel.

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As a brand that values authenticity, Gilded Mane understands the importance of finding the right accessory to complement your unique personal style. Your satisfaction is a top priority and so the designer is now offering free virtual consultations. Contact Ashley to schedule.

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