Gilded Mane

SHIELD PENDANT : Vintage Enamel Brass Buckle & Turquoise


The GILDED ARMOR look is achieved through the creative juxtaposition of a vintage enamel & brass buckle, semi-precious stones and genuine reclaimed leather. One-of-a-kind!


- Vintage Brass Buckle w/ Enamel Detailing

- Turquoise

- Sodalite

- Apatite

- Brass


Reclaimed Leather

Colors : Navy & Plum


This wearable art piece is made with Genuine Reclaimed Leather, which helps Gilded Mane fulfill its mission of minimizing leather waste generated by domestic production of leather goods. Since the foundation of this piece is leather, it is durable and should last for years with proper care. Gilded Mane does not recommend exposing your accessory to rain, sweat or other liquids. Water not only has the potential to damage leather and suede, but may cause dark colors to bleed. As a reclaimed material, the method of how this material was dyed is unknown, and so Gilded Mane uses Jacquard Lumiere Metallic paint on the back, which is both lightfast and weather-resistant. In the event that a non-metallic portion of your leather jewelry should get wet, Gilded Mane recommends laying your piece flat to dry, away from light colored fabrics or other porous surfaces. Gilded Mane also recommends storing jewelry flat, away from dust and sunlight. 


Shield Pendant Height - 2 1/4"

Shield Pendant Width - 2 1/4"

Necklace Length - 16 1/2"

* A chain extension can be provided upon request.

** All measurements are approximate and are taken at the widest point.

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