Gilded Mane

SHIELD NECKLACE : Abalone Paua Shells, Sodalite & Green Brass on Grey Suede / Metallic Leather


This wearable art piece was handmade in the Hudson Valley and is part of a limited edition series. While this particular design is not one-of-a-kind, the natural color variations of the Abalone Shell means that no two Shield Necklaces are exactly the same. This piece was inspired by nature, was made with natural materials, and was designed with sustainability in mind. The deerskin leather is soft, durable and is a by-product of the handmade moccasin production at LL Designs :


- Abalone Inlaid Paua Shell

- Sodalite

- Pyrite

- Oxidized Green Brass Beads


Grey & Metallic Silver


Shield Height - 3 3/4"

Shield Width - 4 1/2"

Necklace Length - 17"

The necklace is adjustable and can also be made longer upon request.

* All measurements are approximate and are taken at the widest point.

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