GILDED-MANE JEWELRY Taupe Leather Bib Necklace w/ Jasper, Agate, Pyrite, & Bronze Beads


This statement necklace features Jasper, Agate, Pyrite, & Bronze Beads that are hand-sewn onto reclaimed taupe leather. Approximate measurement of leather is 5 5/8" X 3 1/8", length of beaded necklace, chain + clasp is 15" at its longest. Chain can be worn tighter, and an additional extension can be provided upon request. Since each piece is made by hand, any irregularities are evidence of the time and care that went into its creation, and should not be taken as defects.

* The Deerskin leather used to make this necklace is pre-consumer waste collected from LL Designs, a designer of handmade moccasins :

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