• Gilded Style

  • Desperately Seeking Sustainable Style

    “Looking back in History, we see that the origins of fashion portray the character of a world built by manual techniques and natural fibers. Design was carried out as a reflection of culture and society. These are the images of an extinct world we need to recover.”

    – Adriana Marina, Founder of Animana
  • The Origins of Gilded Mane

    I must warn you in advance that the following story is incomplete. Memory has a way of presenting its own reality, of dwelling on some events and ignoring others entirely. All I have are my recollections, old photographs, written words, and my mother’s elephantine memory, in order to piece together the various episodes of my creative evolution, including that one time I “fell down the rabbit hole.” If I start at the beginning, then I’ll be sure to get side-tracked and lose you altogether. Instead, I’ll pick up the threads somewhere between the present and the recent past, and will try to keep the tangents to a minimum…

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